Master Hearings in Immigration Courts

Posted by Inderraj SinghNov 15, 2021

Master hearings in immigration courts are akin to status conferences.  Like any status conference hearing, Master hearing in immigration courts are used to narrow the issues before the immigration court, set deadlines for filings, provide estimated time for actual trial along with any requests that will aid in the hearing such as request for an interpreter or availability of expert witnesses. 

Follow the steps below to make your Master Calendar hearing a breeze:

  1. Review your Notice to Appear (NTA) in detail;
  2. Prepare your objections to the NTA, if any;
  3. Prepare Oral Pleading;
  4. In the alternative, you can prepare a Written Pleading but follow the procedure to properly serve the written pleading;
  5. Outline the relief you want to seek (CAT, Asylum etc.);
  6. Arrive at least an hour early to the immigration court for your hearing;
  7. Check-in with the clerk;
  8. Wait calmly until your matter is called before the Court. 

The Singh Law Office—a California Immigration lawyer—can help you protect your important immigration rights before the Court. Inderraj Singh, Esq., aggressively fights for his clients and successfully appeared in immigration courts to protect the interests of his immigrant clients.  

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