The Singh Law Office believes in the Sikh tenet of Sewa and as such The Singh Law Office proudly serves its community on pro bono basis.  In addition to serving as legal counsel to non-profit organizations listed below, we also routinely take immigration cases of veterans on pro bono basis through AILA.  Lastly, The Singh Law Office is committed to promote Punjabi Culture and from time to time sponsors Punjabi Cultural events such as live concerts of well-known Punjabi artists. 

The Singh Law Office serves as the Legal Advisors to the following non-profit organizations:

The Guru Angad Darbar Khalsa School (GADKS)

Guru Angad Darbar Khalsa School, Inc.

Khalsa School Association (KSA)

Khalsa School Association (KSA)

The Singh Law Office has proudly sponsored the following Punjabi Cultural Events:

Babbu Maan live in Bakersfield 

Miss Pooja live in Bakersfield

Vaisakhi Mela 2023 Live in Bakersfield with Manmohan Waris, Sangtar Heer, and Kamal Heer


Bakersfield Teeyan 2023 with Satwinder Bitti

Bakersfield Teeyan with Satwinder Bitti

Bakersfield Sabyacharak Mela with R.Nait, Shipra Goyal, Jass Bajwa, and Joban Sandhu