Overview of Child Custody in California

Posted by Inderraj SinghNov 14, 20220 Comments

Both parents have the right to custody of their child, and that's typically the preference of the courts. The idea is a simple one: each child and parent has the right to develop their relationship. Barring any serious issues like abuse or neglect, child custody is a right both parents have. Dete...

Automatic Restraining Order in a Divorce Case

Posted by Inderraj SinghJun 14, 20220 Comments

Divorce cases have substantial emotional and financial impacts on all parties involved including children.  In our prior post, we created a skeleton guideline on how to start a divorce case.  After the petition have been filed to initiate a divorce case, there are automatic restraining order that are effective and apply to parties to the case.  However, these restraining orders are often overlooked by parties and sometimes, even attorneys.  These restraining orders are written on the second page of the Summons (Form, FL-110). 

How to Start Your Divorce Case

Posted by Inderraj SinghJul 09, 20210 Comments

The decision to end your marriage is the beginning of your divorce case.  The process to dissolve your marriage can be very time consuming, expensive, tedious, frustrating, and confusing.  There are plenty of websites on google that offer "cheap" paralegal or other "attorney" like services but th...