Follow These Steps Immediately After an Automobile Crash

Posted by Inderraj SinghFeb 18, 20210 Comments

Accidents can happen to any driver, even if you drive cautiously. The initial impact leaves people in dismay and often people report being dizzy, confused, or just shocked in general.

Call 911 for Medical Help

After you have process the initial shock, it is very important to remain calm and assess for injuries to yourself and your passengers, if any. If anyone is hurt, immediately call 911. If you do not have any injuries or even if injured, if you can move, check on all parties involved in the accident, including the other driver, to ensure that they are not hurt. If anyone is hurt, call 911 to summon for medical help.

Call 911 for Police Report

Whether the accident is minor or substantial, consider calling the police to get the accident documented. This will provide you with an official report that will help with your insurance claim.

Exchange Information

At the very least, exchange insurance information. Provide your name, insurance provider, telephone number and ensure that you obtain the same information. In addition, if there are any witnesses at the scene, ensure you obtain their name and good contact number.

Document the Crash

It is important to take photos and make videos of any damage. Record or otherwise make notes on your cellphone any details of the crash including the date and time of accident, police report number and name of police officer and his or her contact information.

The most important step is to ensure that all parties involved in the crash are safe. If you or any party involved in the crash is hurt, immediately call 911 for medical help.

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