Hiring an Attorney from the Outset Saves Thousands

Posted by Inderraj SinghAug 25, 2021

People often turn to lawyers when its too late.  However, hiring an attorney from the outset of your relationship with other people or entities can not only save you thousands of dollars down the road but it can also ensure maximum protection from the outset with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

Commencing Business Relationships

At the beginning of a business relationship, whether it's a partnership, LLC, or a corporation, people do not view lawyers as an integral part of their business plan.  Perhaps this oversight is due to previous business dealings without an attorney or perhaps it's an effort to save few dollars by excluding attorneys from the business plan.  Irrespective of one's reason, the exclusion of an attorney often proves quite costly.

I have received phone calls late at night from frantic clients who did not think it wise to enlist an attorney while initiating a business relationship.  After reviewing their partnership contract, it becomes clear that a paralegal typing services have used a google template to form and bind the partners into a business relationship without any thought to the specific needs of the business or the partner's own desires and wishes regarding allocation of income, losses, and deductions. As a result, contractual problems morph into civil litigation and tax problems; costing both money and time.

DO NOT MAKE THE COSTLY MISTAKE of excluding attorneys out of your business plan and formation.  Having an attorney in your corner can prevent you from tremendous stress, save business relationships, and save you thousands of dollar in litigation expense in later years.  The Singh Law Office—a Bakersfield Business and Civil Litigation lawyer—can help draft your business contracts, review your business contracts, and provide ongoing consulting and general counseling services so you can focus on generating revenue and expanding your business. 

Contact Inderraj Singh—a California Business and Civil litigation attorney—for a free business consultation. 

Family Law Problems

There are several paralegal and other “cheap” or “do it yourself” family law services on the internet.  As we explained in a previous post, these services often end up being costly and leave people without their desired result in a family law case.

Unless it is uncontested case, one should always seek professional legal advise to adequately protect their interest.  As is often the case, uncontested proceedings usually become contested thus, it becomes important to seek the help of an attorney even in an uncontested matter.  

Contact Inderraj Singh—a Bakersfield Divorce Lawyer—to schedule your free consultation.


This post can list every possible area of law, however, our goal was to provide a generalized rationale as to why people should hire attorneys from the outset of their legal problems or in some cases before a relationship is either commenced or terminated to adequately protect their interest and save substantial amount of money and time down the road.  

Contact The Singh Law Office—a Bakersfield Law Firm—for your legal needs.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. 

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