Updating Evidence in Asylum Case

Posted by Inderraj SinghJan 25, 2023

In our prior post, we provided an overview of the Asylum process.  Asylum cases require considerable evidence that must be submitted to court prior to an individual or merits hearing.  However, attorneys have not always performed their end of the bargain.  We often hear from clients that their former lawyer did not submit the documents on time or did not submit the evidence of relocation or other required evidence.  We have confirmed these stories while reviewing case files of several clients who retain our services and switch over from other attorneys. 

Although the practice may differ, almost all attorneys submit bare bones application of Asylum by submitting I-589 and usually without any evidence, sworn declaration, or identity documents.  This step is sometimes performed to preserve the one-year deadline.  At The Singh Law Office, our usual practice is to submit the I-589, Sworn Declaration, and Identity documents with the initial application for relief.  

Regardless of what is submitted with the initial I-589, clients as well as their attorneys have an obligation to apprise the court of all facts and evidence.  This duty includes the following: submitting changes of address in a timely manner, submitting affidavits of eye witnesses, submitting relocation documents, submitting medical reports, submitting updated country reports, submitting news items, and submitting any relevant evidence that relates to an applicant's case.  Too often, though, neither of these evidentiary submissions are made or they are made too late thus, they are excluded as evidence by the immigration judge. 

Each applicant should ensure to submit proper documentations and evidence to the court.  Evidence must be updated by submitting the most recent country reports, medical reports, relocation documents, and even submitting evidence that might result even a day before the merits hearing but is pertinent for the court to decide your case. 

At The Singh Law Office, we revise our clients every quarter to ensure that all pertinent evidence and documents are being submitted on time.  

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