Checklist for Launching a Business in California

Posted by Inderraj SinghNov 30, 2021

Starting a business from the ground up is quite thrilling and requires substantial amount of work. Use this checklist as your general guide to research and plan further based on your particular business plan.

Business Checklist for California

The information in this checklist must be used as a starting point. This checklist is not exhaustive and independent research will be required based on your particular business plan. Use this checklist for generalized overview guide only.

1. Market Research & Prepare a Business Plan

    a. Create an outline for your business plan to make it easier for banks and investors to invest in your idea.

2. Prepare Budget for Your Business

    a. Start-up cost

    b. Budget for rent, lease, employee salaries and other ordinary expenses

3. Secure Financing

    a. Apply for business loans

       i. Don't overlook local credit unions' small business loan program

     b. Seek investors

     c. Peer to peer lending

4. Select Your Business Structure and Entity Type

     a. LLC, Corporations, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship

5. Register Your Business with the Secretary of State

     a. LLC, Corporation, LP, LLP or GP

6. Register a Fictitious Business with County

     a. Only required for DBA's or Sole Proprietorship

7. Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses from State, County, and Local Governments

8. Obtain EIN from the IRS

9. Obtain Necessary Insurance

    a. Error and Omission Insurance

    b. General Business Liability Insurance

    c. Insurance for Directors' and Officers' indemnification

    d. Workers Compensation Insurance

    e. Any insurance that is relevant and necessary for your business needs

10. Calendar Ongoing Secretary of State Filing Requirements

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